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In what type of installations the use of “LSZH” cables are recommended according to industry standards?

An “LSZH” cable refers to the Low Smoke, Zero Halogen and flame retardant material used as insulation. The jacket is made of polypropylene, which is a type of material that has excellent safety properties when exposed to intense heat or fire due to its low toxicity and smoke emissions levels, in addition to its resistance to the effects of corrosion.

The brand’s extensive product portfolio includes Cat 6 23AWG UTP cables for indoor plant and RJ45 patch cords with this type of jacket, making it the ideal solution for high-density public spaces, and in confined or poorly ventilated areas, such as shopping malls, hotels, educational centers, subways, aviation and marine crafts, among other others.

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Remember that you will be able to find UTP Cat.5E, Cat.6 and Cat.6 cables in our comprehensive line of products.

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